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Please download reviTTools for your current Revit edition and complete the setup wizard.

reviTTools 2013 v6.1.0 for Revit platform 2013    32 & 64 bit - New!

reviTTools 2012 v5.2.0 for Revit platform 2012   32 & 64 bit

reviTTools 2011 v4.1.0 for Revit platform 2011    32 & 64 bit

reviTTools 2010 v3.0.0 for Revit platform 2010    32 & 64 bit

reviTTools 2009 v2.9.0 for Revit platform 2009    32 & 64 bit

reviTTools 2008 v2.5.2 for Revit platform 2008 


Network and advanced installation information

[Release notes]


Usage without license key

reviTTools has FULLY functionality without license key. There is NO functional limitation, however you get regular popup purchase reminders to accept.
If you appreciate reviTTools, please buy a license key.



English French German Hungarian
The reviTTools user interface is available in English, French, German and Hungarian languages. The installer includes all of them.



reviTTools runs as an additional, external API application on top of ALL language editions of


Tested on following Windows Operating Systems


No warranty

Even though we develop all this stuff, providing you with fine working solutions, we can NOT guaranty neither that reviTTools will not damage your system/your projects nor that the results of reviTTools will be correct and accurate! Please use it under your own responsibility!


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